What Are Some Symbolic Meanings Behind Popular Gemstones?

What Are Some Symbolic Meanings Behind Popular Gemstones?

The four precious gemstones -- diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires -- symbolize power, strength, and prosperity. Semi-precious gemstones such as aquamarines and citrine vary in their symbolism, but are typically associated with positive energies.

As the hardest natural material on earth, diamonds typically symbolize strength and resolve. Additionally, diamonds are typically associated with positive energy and protection from negative energies. Diamonds symbolize courage, creativity and good fortune.

Rubies are rich in symbolism and are typically associated with royalty. Medieval Europeans associated rubies with wisdom, success and love, often in the form of devotion.

Emeralds are typically associated with different forms of magic and luck. They were associated with the ability to protect from evil spells and even disease.

Sapphires are associated with fidelity, and were even used commonly for engagement rings before the 20th century. This is because sapphires are associated with peace, contentment and fulfillment. Sapphires are said to help protect from negative energy and strengthen personal resolve.

Aquamarine is believed to symbolize calm, soothing energy. For this reason, aquamarines are typically associated with good health and were even said to keep sailors safe at sea.

Citrine symbolizes health and vitality, and is also associated with wealth and abundance. For this reason, this gemstone is often called "the healing quartz."

Opals are often associated with the supernatural. The ancient Greeks believed opals to be magic, giving their wearers the ability to foresee the future and also protecting them from disease.