How Do I Get Surfer-Style Hair?

How Do I Get Surfer-Style Hair?

To creating a surfer hairstyle, the hair must be grown out into a shag, be bleached and styled with product to create a windswept look. Styling takes roughly 10 minutes and requires surf spray or hair wax.

  1. Grow hair out

    Hair should be grown to a length that touches the bottom of the ears or more, and it should reach below the eyebrows. While growing the hair out, get a trim of 1/8 inch every four to six weeks.

  2. Cut hair into a shag style

    Cut or have hair cut into a long, layered style that is the shag. Razor cuts are best to give the hair movement and separation. Bring one or two photos to the hairstylist. Look for examples in which the hair is a similar texture to your own.

  3. Bleach the hair

    Have your hair highlighted all over for a sun-bleached look. It is not essential to have bleached-blond hair, but it is typical of the surfer look.

  4. Style the hair with surf spray

    Towel dry the hair. Spray the surf spray all over the hair, and work through the layers with your fingers. Let it dry naturally. This results in a wind-blown, matte style.

  5. Style the hair with hair wax

    If your hair is very thick, use hair wax. Dry the hair completely. Take a dime-sized amount of hair wax in your fingers, rubbing them together to emulsify the wax. Work the hair wax through the hair, drawing out pieces of hair at the bangs and ears. This creates a separated, slightly shiny style.