What Is Surface Piercing?


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Surface piercing is when a flat area of skin is pierced as opposed to an area of skin that is convex, is concave or can be pierced through completely, like the ears or nostrils. Unlike a standard piercing that goes directly through the skin, a surface piercing uses a surface bar that follows the plane of the skin. This type of piercing can be done anywhere on the body.

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What Is Surface Piercing?
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A few of the most common surface piercings are corset, Christina, Madison and nape piercings. There are also neck, hip, wrist and anti-eyebrow piercings. Corset piercings are a set of bilaterally symmetrical piercings that are usually placed on the back. People that acquire this type of piercing often use ribbon to lace the piercings in the style of a corset. A Christina piercing is done on the mons pubis. This type of piercing is also referred to as a Venus piercing.

A Madison piercing is placed horizontally above the collarbone at the base of the neck. This differs from a nape piercing, which is placed directly on the back of the neck. Although both of these piercings are located on some portion of the neck, what is actually referred to as a neck piercing is placed on the side of the neck. This type of piercing is also known as a vampire bite. The anti-eyebrow piercing is done either under or beside the eye.

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