What Are Some Supplies a Mary Kay Consultant Should Have?


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Mary Kay consultants should have mirrors, product samples, brochures and order forms in their demonstration bags at all times. They should also carry a wealth of pens, prizes for those who refer new customers, and customer profile cards to each demonstration. For a home office, Mary Kay consultants need a phone and answering machine, a computer and a printer. A filing system is necessary to keep track of customer profiles and orders.

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Additionally, a Mary Kay consultant should have a corkboard on which to post reminders and upcoming goals. A small table or other flat surface on which to pack deliveries is also helpful.

A place to store inventory is crucial. It should be stored in a properly ventilated area, and shelves should be installed. Label each shelf with the type of product to be stored there. Separate skin care products from limited-edition and color products. Create a space for sales aids. When inventory arrives, immediately label it with a personal contact label and organize it appropriately.

A Mary Kay consultant should have access to the Mary Kay Intouch website, which allows consultants to keep track of customer profiles and orders. This is helpful when contacting clients to remind them to reorder their products. If access to the website is not available, tracking sales can be accomplished by keeping a detailed calendar or ledger.

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