How Do You Get Super Glue Off Skin?


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Super Glue is easily dissolved with acetone, which is commonly found in nail polish remover. Users should apply the nail polish remover to the affected spot and softly rub the Super Glue away.

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When using acetone products, do not rub with cotton swabs, as these can react violently with the cyanoacrylate content. Do not rub around eyes, ears or mouth and avoid open wounds. If the glue is already dry, it can be removed by rubbing with a nail emery board.

If sensitive skin inhibits the use of nail polish, margarine can also remove Super Glue. Apply the margarine to the affected area and rub repeatedly until the glue can be peeled away.

In cases where the acetone evaporates too quickly, WD-40 can be mixed with acetone to allow longer application times. In instances where a coat is needed for an extended period of time, mix petroleum jelly with the WD-40 and acetone to create a paste. Apply thick coats of this mixture for best results.

Laundry detergent and hot water break down the Super Glue if soaked and rubbed for 20 minutes. If the glue persists, salt can be used to exfoliate the glue from the skin. Vodka can also provide an alternative to soap or detergent.

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