What Are Sunsilk Hair Products?

Sunsilk, a brand of Unilever Global, is a line of hair care products aimed at women, which includes shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays and styling gels. Sunsilk offers products designed for all different types of hair, including dry and damaged, straight, thick and long, curly and African American hair types. Sunsilk products, as of 2014, are not available in American stores.

Sunsilk offers numerous products designed for specific hair types and hair problems. As of September 2014, they have seven popular product lines: Perfect Straight, Strong and Abundant, Thick and Long, Radiant Shine, Black Shine, Soft and Smooth and Hairfall Solution. Each product line features a shampoo and conditioner as well as other various hair products designed for each specific hair element.

Sunsilk is considered the world's leading brand in conditioners and the second largest for shampoos. Its products are sold in 69 different countries and it is the number-one hair-care product in numerous nations, including Pakistan, India and Brazil. In some markets around the world, Sunsilk is sold as Seda, Elidor or Sedal. Sunsilk is Unilever's number-one hair-care brand, ranking above both Dove and V05. If shopping from the United States, Sunsilk products can only be purchased from various online outlets.