How Do Stylists Use Haircut Pictures From a Photo Gallery?

Stylists use example hairstyle pictures from a photo gallery to gain a better understanding of their clients' personal tastes and to communicate more effectively with their clients. Stylists compare the hair textures and facial structures shown in example photos with those of a client to better illustrate ahead of time whether a particular look will flatter the client. Clients who bring example photographs to styling appointments are more likely to leave with a satisfying and flattering style, states Bustle.

Many stylists cite example photos as the most effective way for them to communicate visually and effectively with their clients. Stylists encourage clients to arrive at appointments with several example photos showing various aspects of the styles they want. For example, a skilled stylist can add the bangs from one photograph to the layered shag illustrated in another, as long as the elements complement one another.

Online publication The Frisky cites the difficulty stylists can experience when working from descriptions of hairstyles rather than example photos. A stylist is far less likely to properly visualize a client's requests without photos to reference.

Stylists also use example photos to illustrate to clients why specific styles will or will not flatter them. For example, if a client with a round face arrives with photos of individuals with thin faces, the stylist can point out that the hairstyle she wants might not look the same on her as it does in the photos.