What Are Some Stylish Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas?


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One stylish ponytail idea is a double knotted low ponytail, in which the hair is separated evenly down the middle, tied together like a knot and then secured with pins or a ponytail holder. Another idea is pinning one small section of hair into a bow around the ponytail holder.

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For a vintage ponytail, the hair is straightened and then separated into three sections. The front two sections are taken from the crown to just above the ear, with the third section left over. A section of hair just behind the crown is teased and smoothed back to create a bump. Next, the hair is gathered into a mid-height ponytail, and the two front sections are crossed over the top of the ponytail and secured with pins. The ponytail is curled at the ends and then brushed out.

One option is the segmented ponytail. A section from the front of the head to just above the ears is tied into a half-ponytail and a 1/4-inch section of hair wrapped around the base. Another section of hair is gathered to the middle of the ears and tied at the crown, with hair wrapped around the tie. The top ponytail is loosened a little for extra volume. What is left of the hair is gathered at the base of the head, and the second step is repeated. The rest of the ponytail is tied into 2- to 3-inch intervals with sections of hair wrapped around the tie.

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