What Are Some Stylish Bob Hairstyles With Bangs?


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A standard bob with light face framing and a sideswept bang is one stylish option. Vogue Magazine editor Alexa Chung has a bob with tousled waves and long, parted bangs.

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Styling the basic bob with a sideswept bang involves applying protectant products to wet hair and blowing it dry with a small paddle brush. The top should be styled with a round brush to create volume, using a flat iron to sweep the bangs to the side. An alternative to sideswept bangs is having them fall straight across the forehead. For this style, the bangs should be cut straight right at the eyebrows.

Creating tousled waves involves scrunching the hair while blow drying. If necessary, stylists add extra waves with a large curling iron. The same method works for the long bangs.

A similar style is the beach-inspired bob. Using a product for creating beach-like texture makes it easy to start the style. Finishing involves applying dry shampoo to the ends and twisting them into ringlets. Bangs should sweep to the side naturally, without using a flat iron, to maintain the casual look.

Another option is curling the bob but leaving the bangs straight. This look requires a large curling iron to create loose ringlets. The bangs should be straight, covering the forehead and framing the face.

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