How Do You Be Stylish?

The way to be stylish is by knowing how to put together a look. This is not to be confused with being trendy. It is common for people to be trendy without being stylish.

Stylish people are not necessarily trendy. As a matter of fact, they often ignore the fashion world. Instead of looking at what is hot, they sometimes choose an outfit based on their senses. Any trendy item added to their wardrobe comes out of a genuine desire for the item.

Trendy people are not necessarily stylish. In fact, some outfits look tacky no matter how trendy it is. It is better to forget about trends. Trend is more about what people are currently buying.

Being stylish is about having the taste and fashion sense to put together an outfit. Instead of trends, it is better to focus on timeless looks. Stylish people ultimately know what looks good on them. They act on that knowledge.

Part of being stylish is picking a color palette. Stylish people know what colors look good on them. They also know what colors go together. Find your base neutral, and then find other colors that work together to add punch.

Basics are very important in style. As a matter of fact, basics are the foundation of style. In order for your basic outfit to look stylish, it needs some life added to it. There are many ways to accessorize a basic outfit in order to bring out that extra punch.