What Styling Products Are Recommended for Short to Medium Hair?


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Leave-in conditioner, hair serum, styling gel or mousse, styling sprays and hairspray are some recommended styling products for short to medium hair. The most effective styling products depend on the style and texture of the hair.

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What Styling Products Are Recommended for Short to Medium Hair?
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Leave-in conditioner is appropriate for medium-length hair that tangles easily. It works especially well on thick hair, especially those in a bob haircut. Not only does leave-in conditioner hydrate the hair, but it also serves as a primer for other hair styling products.

Hair serum or hair oil is a good polishing product for any length of hair. Both serums and oils make hair glossy and free of frizz. Serum is better for fine or oil-prone hair, while oil is good for dry hair, especially if it's naturally curly.

Styling gel or mousse sets the hairstyle. Mousse is the lightest styling product that leaves hair soft, and it is most appropriate for fine hair that needs volume. Gel creates a crisp feel that works well with both lengths of hair when the style requires maximum hold, such as spikes or slicking back. Hair wax is similar to gel in that it is thick and offers maximum hold. However, wax works well for textured looks that aren't as crisp.

Styling and finishing sprays get applied to dry hair. A styling spray allows users to manipulate the hair after application. Finishing spray offers the maximum hold. It should be the last product applied.

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