What Are Some Styles of Silver Charms?


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Silver charms come in a vast array of styles including round beads, modular and hanging. Charm shapes include baby shoes, pet animals, lockets, sports equipment, jewels, initials and landmarks.

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The charm bracelet style determines the type of charms that can be attached. Open link styles have dangling charms that attach to one link, most often by a ring on the charm itself. Dangling charms come in a wide variety of shapes and symbols and are often unique to the bracelet's owner. These include lockets, trees, snowmen and charms to represent sports or hobbies.

Silver bead bracelets, such as Pandora and Troll Bead, use a variety of silver, enameled, and jeweled or glass beads strung on the bracelet itself. Unique charm beads have shapes such as ovals, balls, boxes, seasonal symbols and animals. Bead charms can also dangle from a ring threaded onto the bracelet.

Italian style charms are flat modular links that fit onto an expandable bracelet. Charms of this type are usually square or rectangular and are often stainless steel decorated with silver or enamel. These charms are interchangeable and can be grouped by theme.

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