What Are Some Styles of Remix Watches?

Remix Watches was a Phoenix-based retailer. As of 2016, it does not appear to be in business, and it is not clear when or why Remix watches closed. Remix Watches sold colorful, water-resistant unisex wristwatches that featured LED lights. Ryan Town, the creator of Remix Watches, said individuals could change the wristwatch straps, a feature inspired by Swatch watches from the 1970s and 1980s.

As of 2016, some Remix watches are available from Amazon.com, and the quantity available is small. It is not clear if these watches are from the Phoenix-based retailer.

There is another type of wristwatch available with a "Remix" label. Fossil offers a style of wristwatches called "Remix." As of 2016, these watches are available through StaplesPromotionalProducts.com. The watch features a black leather band and a stainless steel caseback. StaplesPromotionalProducts.com requires consumers or retailers to purchase a minimum of 50 watches.

Fossil, founded in 1954, is a Texas-based retailer that sells watches, bags, wallets, sunglasses and jewelry. It also sells products under other brand names, including Relic, Abacus and Skagen. Fossil also designs watches for high-end brands such as Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Burberry and DKNY. Fossil sometimes offers limited-edition watch designs featuring pop culture figures such as Supeman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Snoopy and Elvis Presley.