What Are Some Styles of Ocean Pacific Shorts for Men?

What Are Some Styles of Ocean Pacific Shorts for Men?

Styles of Ocean Pacific shorts for men include plaid boardshorts, floral swim shorts and striped hybrid shorts. Other styles of Ocean Pacific men's shorts are cargo swim shorts and plaid splice swim shorts.

Ocean Pacific, often shortened to OP, is a California-based company founded in 1972 that specializes in the making of surf-related apparel, accessories and clothing. Ocean Pacific products are designed for men, women and children. In August 1997, the company signed an exclusive direct-to-retail license agreement with Walmart. As a result, when customers attempt to shop on the Ocean Pacific website, they are automatically redirected to Walmart.com.

Ocean Pacific makes swim shorts, boardshorts and other summer-style shorts for men in a variety of colors and patterns. As of October 2015, different types of men's Ocean Pacific boardshorts available from Walmart.com included the Men's Floral E-Boardshort, the Big Men's Plaid E-Boardshort and the Men's Solid Fixed Waist Boardshort.

Types of swim shorts for men by Ocean Pacific include the Big Men's Colorblock Swim Short, the Big Men's Camo Cargo Swim Short and the All Guy Men's Cblock Swim Short. Ocean Pacific also makes men's swim shorts with star, floral and tropical-themed patterns.

eBay.com has a variety of Ocean Pacific men's shorts for sale as well. These include cargo and khaki shorts as well as those made of corduroy.