What Are Some Styles of Minimal-Coverage Swimwear?

What Are Some Styles of Minimal-Coverage Swimwear?

Minimal-coverage swimwear for women includes styles such as the Brazilian bikini, string bikini, thong bikini, monokini and micro bikini. These variants on the bikini are scantier and more revealing than traditional bikinis. Because the bikini consists of two pieces, the top and the bottom, it may provide minimal coverage by being scanty on the top, the bottom or both.

When the bikini was first introduced in 1946, it was much more revealing than other swimwear that was common at the time. As of 2015, the bikini is still a more revealing option than more conservative one-piece or tankini styles.

The Brazilian bikini is one of the most popular styles of skimpy bikini. Narrow-cut, cheeky bottoms that reveal more of the buttocks than traditional bikinis characterize the Brazilian style. In the string bikini, the waistband is replaced by a string on each side that connects the bottom's front triangle to the back. The thong bikini, featuring a string or thin strip of fabric that sits between the buttocks, provides almost no coverage in the back.

Less common styles include the micro bikini, which takes the skimpy thong design to the extreme with only enough fabric in front to cover the genitals, and the monokini, a one-piece suit with large cutouts. The term "monokini" may also refer to bikini bottoms worn without a top.

Skimpy bottoms are usually paired with skimpy tops. String bikini bottoms are often paired with tops featuring triangular cups connected by stringy straps.