What Are Some Styles of Men's Linen Shirts?


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Styles of men's linen shirts include short- and long-sleeve dress shirts, T-shirts and knitwear. Multiple fits and styles are available within each category. Although linen tends to be worn with casual outfits, some linen options also work in formal settings.

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Short- and long-sleeve linen dress shirts are typically button-up shirts with collars. Long-sleeve linen dress shirts pair well with suits, while both short- and long-sleeve linen dress shirts are acceptable for everyday wear. Since linen wrinkles easily, a blend of cotton and linen may be preferable for everyday use, as it doesn't wrinkle as easily. Both casual and formal long-sleeve linen shirts are available.

Linen T-shirts are available with V-necks and crew necks. Linen T-shirts are typically a blend of linen and another fabric, such as cotton or polyester. With linen T-shirts and other linen short-sleeve shirts, the shirts are typically looser than other shirts of the same size, so the wearer may want to choose one size smaller than usual.

Linen knitwear is more difficult to find than other linen clothing, but it's a good choice for spring or any day with cool weather, as it provides a bit of extra heat. The strength of linen also helps linen knitwear maintain its shape better than other knitwear.

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