What Are Some Styles of Mastectomy Clothing?


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Some styles of mastectomy clothing work to disguise the asymmetry caused by having a breast removed; others accommodate a breast prosthesis while covering surgical scars. Many women choose to wear a breast prosthesis or form after a mastectomy. Different sites sell bras specifically to accommodate prosthetic breasts. Additionally, Nordstrom offers free alteration, which includes sewing a pocket into a bra to accommodate the prosthesis.

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The Chikara brand of clothing uses design elements to create the look of symmetry on a chest left asymmetrical by a mastectomy. Many garments feature dolman, kimono or raglan sleeves to avoid aggravating scarring from lymphedema. The front closures accommodate a post-surgical limit on range of mobility. Asymmetrical necklines and drapes of fabric conceal scarring and the changed landscape of the chest.

In general, ruffles, gathered necklines and draped fronts help downplay the look of the mastectomy. Likewise, large patterns or other design elements that run from the collarbone and over the chest distract from the area. Additionally, looped scarves can help fill in the space.

Websites such as AboutTheGirl.co.uk and HeidesMastectomy.com sell swimwear for after the surgery. The styles usually feature a pocket for a prosthesis. Most are cut higher under the arms to conceal scarring. Some even feature ruffles or other details around the bustline for women who choose not to wear a prosthetic breast.

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