What Are Some Styles of Luggage Carts?

What Are Some Styles of Luggage Carts?

Styles of luggage carts include birdcage luggage carts, airport luggage carts and transporter luggage carts. Other styles of luggage carts include folding luggage carts and specialty luggage carts such as diamond-shaped carts.

Birdcage luggage carts have metal tubing that curves upward in the shape of a birdcage. These carts have carpeted decks and are traditionally used by hotel bellmen. Birdcage luggage carts may have decorative finials on the top of the tubing.

Transporter luggage carts feature either round or square tubing, hanger bar end caps and wide decks. As the name suggests, transporter luggage carts are used to transport large quantities of items at a time. Airport luggage carts are smaller than transporter luggage carts so that it is easier for people to move the carts through airports.

Folding luggage carts fold up so they can be transported to areas where they are needed. Luggage carts that fold at the base can fit into tight spaces, while the ones that do not fold at the base are bulky.

Compact luggage carts have light steel frames and are the least bulky of all the luggage carts. Compact luggage carts can be folded and wheeled around. They are usually large enough to carry up to 75 pounds of luggage.