What Are Some Styles of Crazy Hair for Kids?


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Some crazy hairstyles are created using gel to make spikes, or card stock covered by hair to create the look of a horn or hat; the hair is then often colored using spray-in color or hair chalk. Adding accessories such as plastic insects, fake spider webs, large ribbons or googly eyes can make the hairstyle more distinctive.

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A cupcake hairstyle is easy to create. Tie the hair into one or two ponytails, and then slide a cupcake wrapper with a hole in the bottom over the ponytail. Create a bun inside the cupcake wrapper and, if desired, use colored spray or gel to give it the effect of icing. A red pom-pom on top looks like a cherry. For a bird's nest style, create a braid that circles the top of the head, and then place a small, stuffed bird on top using bobby pins. Small eggs can be taped to bobby pins and added around the bird.

Children with short hair often enjoy spikes, but color provides fun options as well. If the hair is worn flat, spray color can be sprayed into a bowl and applied with brushes for more precision. Create leopard spots, fish scales, flames, rainbows or other patterns. If the hair is long enough to spike, sweep it to the side and use gel so it stands up along the side of the head. Use blue hair color so it resembles a surfing wave, and add a Lego figure on a surfboard to complete the effect.

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