What Are Some Styles of Awareness Bracelets?


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Styles of awareness bracelets include traditional, contoured, tire-shaped, heart-shaped, golf, striped bands, bands with one color, multicolored bands and bracelets with three or more colors. Awareness bands are made of either silicone or Tyvek; silicone bands are durable and easy to customize, which makes them a good choice for long-term use.

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One common type of awareness bands is the classic style. Classic bands feature a thick wrist strap with block lettering. The letters, printed against a solid color background, identify the wearer's cause. Contoured bands are another choice for plain, single-colored support bands. They feature a feminine look and feel, with a smaller band area and italicized print. Contoured bands have soft, round lines instead of linear borders like the classic style. Both have an embossed finish for aesthetic appeal.

Awareness bands also come in marble styles. These bands come in the classic awareness band style, with a chunky wrist strap and angular borders. They come in two and three color schemes and can be customized to a specific cause.

Awareness bands also come in dual-color designs. They feature an eye-catching color pattern with a solid color outer layer and contrasting color inner layer. Lettering uses the same color as the inner border. Three color bands have three distinct colors sectioned into thirds. Three striped bands have a thick, solid middle layer bordered by smaller bands of another color. Some bands, called silkscreen, have an all-white background and multicolored print.

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