What Are Some Styles of ASHRO Women's Clothing?


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Some styles of ASHRO women's clothing are caftans, church suits and dresses. Other ASHRO women's clothing styles are jacket dresses and skirt sets. ASHRO also sells women's shoes, wigs and other accessories.

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ASHRO is a brand of Afrocentric clothing designed for women of all ages. The company's website describes its clothing as meant for stylish and graceful women who command attention. Although ASHRO primarily caters to women, the company also has a section of clothing for men.

On the company's website, the categories of ASHRO women's clothing include Intimates & Sleepwear, Outerwear, Suits, Tops and Skirts. ASHRO also features a wide selection of caftans, which the website says are ideal for entertaining or relaxing. These caftans come in a variety of styles, colors and prints, some traditional Afrocentric and others more contemporary. Specific styles of ASHRO caftans include the Emeraude Caftan, the Chat Caftan, the Shu Caftan, the Goddess Caftan and the Empress Caftan.

Other styles of ASHRO women's clothing include dresses and jackets decorated with sequins, beads or multi-colored patterns, as well as tailored skirts and suits. ASHRO also features a variety of different types of jacket dresses in a multitude of colors including turquoise, white, gold and purple. These styles of jacket dresses include the Karee Jacket Dress, the Sari Jacket Dress and the Davina Jacket Dress.

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