How Do You Style Women's Short Hair?

How Do You Style Women's Short Hair?

Women's short hair can be styled in many ways, such as with a faux bang, a pompadour, braiding, or hair accessories. The key to styling short hair for women is finding the most flattering shape and texture for her features.

A woman with short hair can create a faux bang by making a deep side part, laying the hair across her forehead and securing it beneath the side of her headband.

She can create a pompadour by teasing a section of hair reaching from one temple to the other and pushing this section against her regular part to add volume. Secure the hair with two perpendicular bobby pins. Bobby pins sprayed with dry shampoo or texture spray are less likely to slip, which often occurs in short hair.

To braid short hair, braid it from back to front.

For a woman with a square face, a good short hairstyle is a bob that aligns with her jawbone. She may prefer a graduated bob, which angles longer toward the front. For a woman with a round face, good options include the long bob, the pixie and the shag. If she has a large forehead, she can cover it with blunt or side-swept bangs.

Simple accessories, such as a fabric flower or head scarf, are a great accent for a short haircut. Short haircuts require a lot of effort to maintain. They should be trimmed every six weeks, regularly kept in check with styling products and possibly managed with a flat-iron.