How Do You Style a Wig?

How Do You Style a Wig?

To style a wig, secure it to a blockhead, and brush it to activate the fibers. Add volume if desired, and place the wig on your head before spraying the style into place. Allow the wig hairspray to dry completely before touching the style again.

  1. Secure the wig to a blockhead

    Place the wig on a foam blockhead. Use wig pins to secure the wig in place.

  2. Brush the hair

    Use a wig brush to wake up the fibers. For curls or waves, use a short, lifting stroke to brush. For long, straight hair, use long strokes with the brush. If the wig is long and curly, use a pick to separate the curls.

  3. Add height

    To add height in the crown, brush the wig in the opposite direction the style is going. Use the same brush to gently smooth the top layer back over. For volume anywhere else, gently back comb the area, and smooth the top layer.

  4. Put on the wig

    Place the wig on your head in the position you normally wear it.

  5. Set the style

    For short wigs with a definite style, hold the wig conditioner 12 inches away from the hair. Spray all over, then allow the wig to dry completely. For longer or looser styles, hold the wig hairspray 6 inches away. Spread the fibers apart with your fingers, and aim the spray at the roots. Allow it to dry completely.