What Is the Best Style for Thin, Fine Hair?


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Thin, fine hair looks best with an all-one-length cut that is shoulder-length or shorter and includes bangs, according to About.com. While layers typically add body and help to build movement in all hair types, too much texturizing and razoring can leave fine hair limp, flat, stringy and wispy.

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What Is the Best Style for Thin, Fine Hair?
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Because thin, fine hair becomes flatter with length, short cuts that fall above the collarbone, such as a bob or pixie, are suggested. A shoulder-length cut with a few pieces of hair angled around the face and blunt or sideswept bangs give the illusion of fullness. A woman with a very round or square faces is the exception because she may look best with long hair even if it is fine. The hair’s length elongates and thins her face.

Coloring the hair can add thickness because the dyes plump up the hair cuticle. Fine hair is often oily and can be washed daily as long as the shampoo used is clear and not creamy. A weekly wash with a clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar rinse prevents the hair from becoming lifeless and weighed down from product build-up. Blow drying fine hair often makes it brittle, so a product like a root booster or volumizing spray applied when the hair is wet followed by air-drying delivers more fullness and body.

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