How Do You Style Shoulder-Length Hair?

How Do You Style Shoulder-Length Hair?

To style shoulder-length hair, wash and condition, then apply product to towel-dried hair. Blow the hair dry most of the way, switching to a round brush at the end. Curl the hair back from the face, and loosen the curls.

  1. Wash and condition the hair

    Wash the hair as usual. For dry hair, use a moisturizing conditioner. For fine hair, use a light rinse only on the ends.

  2. Apply product

    Use an absorbent towel to squeeze excess moisture from the hair. Apply a volumizer to the roots. Spray a thermal protector over the ends to prevent damage and flyaway strands. Comb to distribute the product evenly.

  3. Blow hair mostly dry

    Turn the blow dryer to high airflow and low heat settings. Aim the nozzle near your scalp, and shake the hair with your fingers while drying. When hair is mostly dry near the scalp, switch to using a vent brush to comb through the strands. Continue drying until hair is 80 percent dry.

  4. Use a round brush

    Once hair is mostly dry, divide it into three sections: crown, middle and nape. Roll hair into the round brush, and revolve the brush while drying the hair. The blow dryer should be on low airflow and high heat settings. Aim the nozzle down the strand to smooth the hairs. Once each strand is dry, blast with a cool shot for a few seconds to set the wave. Repeat this procedure for all three sections of hair.

  5. Curl the hair

    To create tousled waves, curl 2-inch sections of hair. Start in the front with a vertical parting. Curl the hair back.

  6. Finish the style

    Once your hair is curled, turn your head upside down, and use your fingers to shake the curls loose. With your head back up, scrunch a shine serum into the ends.