How Do You Style a Short Wedge Bob Hairstyle?


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To style a short wedge bob hairstyle, apply product, and then blow dry with a paddle brush and a round brush. If desired, use a flat iron to smooth out the style, and finish the hairstyle with hairspray.

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Start by applying a volumizing product to the roots, such as mousse or texturizing spray. Spray a thermal protectant over the rest of the hair.

Set the blow dryer to the low-heat and high-air settings. Start blow drying the hair with just your fingers to separate the strands. Once the hair is partially dry, use a paddle brush to pull the strands out. The goal is to keep the volume while straightening the hair.

Once the hair is roughly 80 percent dry, switch the settings on the blow dryer to low air and high heat. Replace the paddle brush with the round brush. Insert the round brush near the scalp, and aim the nozzle of the blow dryer down. Roll the brush while drying. If your blow dryer has a cool-shot option, use it to set the bevel at the end. Otherwise, let the hair cool for a few seconds before removing the brush.

Bevel all the ends under with the round brush, especially focusing on volume in the back. If desired, use a flat iron to smooth out the bangs and pieces near the face. Use a light-hold hairspray to finish the look.

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