How Do You Style Short Spiky Hair Cuts?

How Do You Style Short Spiky Hair Cuts?

Styling a short hairstyle with spikes involves applying product to the roots and pulling it through to the ends. Blow dry or flat iron the hair as necessary, and secure with a finishing hairspray.

One example of a spiky haircut is the pixie. After washing the hair, wring out the excess moisture. Apply a volumizing mousse to the roots, and pull it through to the ends. Blow the hair dry while lifting the roots. Emulsify texture wax between your fingers, and pull out random pieces in taller spikes. Use a strong-hold hairspray to finish.

For spikes on the side or back, apply the mousse, and dry most of the way as directed above. Use a round brush to flip the hair up while finishing the blow dry. Use texture wax to create definition, and finish with hairspray.

To create spikes on African-American hair, apply setting lotion from roots to ends after shampooing. Dry under a hooded dryer. Spray individual strands with a setting spray, and use a flat iron to pull the strands out into spikes. Use texture wax to separate out some of the strands.

For men's spiky hairstyles, dry the hair first. Next, emulsify hair wax between your hands. Rake the product through the hair to coat the strands. Pull out individual spikes if desired.