How Do You Style Short Haircuts?


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Short hair can be styled in many different ways, including wavy, curly, straight, edgy and low-maintenance styles. Short hair can also be colored to create a variety of looks.

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How Do You Style Short Haircuts?
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Typically, the type of short haircut a person gets depends on the kind of hair that person has. For a person with very thin hair, for instance, a Pixie cut might look best because it makes the hair look thicker. For people with wavy hair, a layered cut looks appealing because wavy hair tends to hang a bit loose and long.

A good technique for styling short hair is to only blow-dry half of the hair while letting the rest of it air-dry, giving it a natural and effortless look. Another technique is to spray bobby pins with dry shampoo so they don't fall out of the hair, since bobby pins slip out of short hair more easily than long.

To get a voluminous hair style, a person should spray root lifter or volumizing mousse to the roots, as well as some hair wax at the ends of the hair. For longer styles of short hair, wrapping the hair over and under a curling iron can create a naturally curly style.

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