How Do You Style an Outfit With Pom Beanies?

How Do You Style an Outfit With Pom Beanies?

To style a beanie, choose a streamlined base outfit, and add casual layering pieces. Give your look a polished finishing touch with trendy jewelry and a classic handbag.

  1. Select a beanie

    Choose the pom beanie that you would like to wear. Select a slouchy beanie to achieve a trendy look, or a more fitted option for a classic look. Position the beanie on your head so that your hair flows loosely underneath. Pull out the locks around your face.

  2. Choose a casual base outfit

    Select a casual base outfit to match the informal tone of your beanie. Start with a pair of well-fitting jeans in a slim or skinny style to balance the bulk of the beanie. Pair the jeans with a simple tank top or form-fitting long-sleeved shirt that layers well.

  3. Add stylish pieces

    Choose additional pieces based on the weather. Layer a button-up shirt or sweater over your shirt for a look that is causal yet put together. On cold days, throw on a vest or a flowing sweater for a casual look, or a loose-fitting wool coat for a more elegant style. Add a pair of booties to continue the line of your jeans.

  4. Finish with accessories

    Give your look a polished edge with a statement necklace. Add a pair of small stud earrings to add a touch of shine without competing with the pom beanie. Grab a classic shoulder bag to complete the look.