How Do You Style Natural Hair?

How Do You Style Natural Hair?

Choose a style based on the hair's current length and texture that also works within the wearer's current lifestyle. Keep in mind that the daily style may have to change as the hair grows, and depending on how much relaxed hair is still on the wearer's head.

Natural hair is hair that does not use chemicals or relaxers. Instead, the wearer works with the hair's natural texture.

Step 1: Start every style with clean hair

Wash and condition the hair as usual. Pat dry with a towel, but do not rub since that can cause breakage.

Step 2: Moisturize the hair

Use a hair oil on the hair and scalp. This adds moisture and nourishes the hair and scalp. Apply a small amount of oil to fingertips and massage into scalp and hair.

Step 3: Use setting lotion for curls

When using curlers or doing a straw set, setting lotion helps the hair to hold a curl longer.

Step 4: Use styling gel to avoid frizz

For other styles, including braids and straight styles, use styling gel. The gel helps to hold frizz at bay, and also offers control.

Step 5: Use a pick for afros

Start at the ends of hair and work toward the scalp. This helps the hair to stay fluffy and full.