How Do You Style Medium-Length Hair?


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Medium-length hair is also called shoulder-length hair, and it can be worked into a wide variety of styles, depending on hair quality and texture. Some good styles for medium-length hair include bangs with a straight cut, curls, side-swept hair and a low ponytail.

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Shoulder-length hair can look great whether straight, wavy or curly. For straight hair, a volumizing shampoo and bangs in front make for an impressive day-to-night look. Straight hair looks best when it is shiny, smooth textured and styled into a good haircut. Actively manage conditions such as split ends and dandruff to keep medium-length hair looking great.

For hair that is curly or wavy, accentuating those features by pulling the hair into a side-swept style or a low ponytail adds variety and elegance. Use boar bristle brushes to brush out and add volume to curls without damaging them. Curling irons that are 2 inches wide or larger are the best for curly and wavy hair. For an elegant side-swept style, curl the hair into loose curls and gather it to the desired side. Fasten it with hair clips, and spray on extra strong hair spray. For a low ponytail, backcomb a small section of the hair with a boar bristle brush. Gather the remaining hair into a small or medium elastic band, and finish off with light hair spray.

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