How Do You Style Inverted Bob Hairstyles?

Inverted bob haircuts can be styled in a number of ways, including soft curls, parting on the side, flipping it out or securing into a French twist. Depending on the style, use a finishing spray or hairspray to secure the hair in place.

Adding soft curls to an inverted bob haircut helps to add body and frame the face. To style into soft curls, start with dry hair. Use a paddle or round brush and blow-dry the wet hair, or allow the hair to dry naturally. Separate the hair into small sections and use a 1-1/4-inch curling iron to apply loose curls. Run fingers through the hair and apply a finishing spray to hold the curls.

Parting an inverted bob haircut on the side creates a soft look that works with many face shapes. A side part works well with soft curls, and the hair should be curled back and away from the face and secured with a finishing spray.

Another way to style an inverted bob is by straightening and flipping the ends out. Dry the hair with a paddle brush and blow dryer, and then use a flat iron on small sections of hair. Bend the hair ends up with the flat iron and apply a finishing spray to hold the hair in place.

For an inverted bob up-do, use a diffuser attachment while drying the hair. Then, twist the hair onto the back of the head and secure with bobby pins.