What Are Some Style Ideas for Brown Hair Color?

The key to discovering style ideas for brown hair color is to make note of three things: your skin tone, the undertones of your hair and your favorite wardrobe colors. Factoring these elements into your style yields a truly flattering look.

To determine a hair style that works for your brown hair, first learn if your skin tone is warm or cool. Place two pieces of gold and silver jewelry against your skin, and see which one stands out most. If silver stands out most, you have cool skin. If gold does, you have warm skin.

If you would like to complement your skin tone, adding some highlights to your hair can do wonders. As a rule, warm goes with warm, and cool goes with cool. If you have warm skin, consider adding some golden brown or caramel highlights around your face. If you are more cool, opt for some honey hues.

A great style idea for brown hair is to explore some accent colors within your wardrobe. For a dramatic contrast, select colors that look bold against your hair. If you are dark brunette, reds and turquoise shades pair well. If you have a lighter shade of brown, choose hues with golden undertones. If you have a warm skin tone, reds and yellows look nice against brown hair. If you have a cool skin tone, blues and purples provide a nice palate.