How Do I Style My Hair Like Meg Ryan's?

Meg Ryan has sported many hairstyles throughout her career as an actress. Her most well-known style is a short, choppy haircut.

  1. Determine if the hairstyle is right for you

    Meg Ryan's classic choppy look works best for someone with medium to thick hair. The cut works for most face shapes except a long one, which needs bangs or fringe to balance the face. Meg's haircut does require time and styling to maintain the look.

  2. Cut the hair

    Wash your hair, and have the stylist begin by cutting the hair just above the shoulders. Next, she should razor-cut short and long sections of hair, randomly cutting layers to create the choppy look. If you have fine hair, and you like a messier style like Meg's, ask for a layered bob, which is more flattering.

  3. Style it

    Towel dry the hair, and add a volumizing mousse into the hair. Next, work a texturizing paste onto individuals strands of hair to help create the chunky look. Blow dry, and tousle with fingers to recreate that bed-head style.

  4. Copying Meg's other styles

    Most of her hairstyles have been choppy, so try the haircut at any length. Meg Ryan has also sported long, layered hairstyles that are easy to maintain and can be worn naturally or blown straight.