How Do You Style Your Hair Like a Hipster?

How Do You Style Your Hair Like a Hipster?

As of 2014, the undercut is a popular hipster hairstyle for men. To style the undercut, grow hair on top to a length of at least 3 inches, shave the sides, apply a styling product, and style first with a comb, then with the fingers. Styling hipster hair takes roughly 10 minutes and requires a heavy product such as pomade or fiber and a comb.

  1. Give yourself an undercut

    The undercut is an unblended haircut. Leave the top of the hair at least 3 inches long. Shave the sides and back of the hair up to the widest part of the head, leaving the top long and layered.

  2. Prepare the styling product

    The top of the undercut is slicked back with fullness, so a strong styling product such as pomade, hair wax or hair fiber is necessary for this hairstyle. Put a pea-sized amount of the product on your fingers, and rub it with both hands.

  3. Apply the styling product

    Starting at the roots of the hair, apply the product, and pull it up through the hair and back down. Work the product into the entire long top of the hairstyle.

  4. Comb the hair

    Use a medium-tooth comb to push the hair back. Allow the rows made by the comb to stay in place. Guide the edge of the long top over the shaved part of the hair on the side.

  5. Style the top of the hair

    Loosen the hairstyle by raking your fingers through the front of your hair, while touching your scalp.