How Do You Style Hair Into Box Braids?

How Do You Style Hair Into Box Braids?

To style hair into box braids, you have to divide the hair into multiple sections within four quadrants and plait each one. Before braiding, the hair should be cleaned, detangled and blown dry.

  1. Clean and detangle your hair

    Clean your hair according to your normal care routine. Be sure to moisturize your hair well. While you can and should moisturize box braids, it's more difficult for the moisture to reach the hair inside the braids. Make sure to detangle your hair well for smoother braids.

  2. Blow-dry your hair

    Blow-dry your hair from roots to tips, as if you were giving yourself a blow out. Whether your hair is relaxed, texturized or natural, blow-drying it with the help of a paddle brush prepares it for sectioning and braiding.

  3. Section your hair

    Divide your hair into four sections. Clip aside three of the sections, and divide out a small portion of your hair. This is what you braid, and it also becomes your general size template for the rest of your braids, so make sure you're happy with the size.

  4. Plait your hair

    Divide the braid-sized portion of hair into three sections. Twist the right section over the center section so that the right section is now the center section. Twist the left section over the new center section so that the center section becomes the left section. Repeat the last two steps all the way to the end of the braid, making sure to keep the tension even, and secure with a rubber band or clip.