How Do You Style Greek Hairstyles?

How Do You Style Greek Hairstyles?

Greek hairstyles feature volume and texture. To create the hairstyle, loose curls are often formed in the hair, along with an accessory to hold the tresses in place, such as bobby pins.

  1. Add volume to the hair

    Apply volume-boosting spray to the hair if the tresses are thin. A taming product such as pomade or leave-on conditioner is best for hair that is thick or coarse.

  2. Part, pin and curl the hair

    Part the hair in the middle or on the side and loosely pin the top of the hair up. Use a medium-barrel curling iron to create loose spiral-like curls throughout the un-pinned hair. Remove the bobby pins from the top section of the hair, and curl the tresses. To make loose waves, curl the hair in a spiral pattern without bringing the curling iron all the way to the roots.

  3. Part and twist the hair

    Use the bottom of a rat-tail comb to separate a section from the front of the hair that is at least 4 inches from the front of one side of the head. Twist the hair section with the fingers and secure the section with bobby pins. Repeat this process on the other side of the head so there are two parted sections.

  4. Finish the style with hairspray

    Once the hairstyle is in place, spritz the pinned section with hairspray. Spray hairspray onto the hands or a wide-tooth comb and distribute the product through the rest of the hair.