How Do You Style Dreadlocks With Twists and Coils?


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Using twists and coils are two ways to start dreadlocks. Coiling is a method used to maintain dreadlocks. Twisting dreadlocks is one way to add curl definition to dreadlocks. Dreadlocks can be twisted to create new styles, but dreadlocked hair can not be coiled. Only new growth and the other hair close to the scalp can be coiled.

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To coil dreadlocks, either shampoo hair, or wet hair using water or a conditioning mix in a spray bottle. Use one hand to twist each dreadlock. Continue twisting until all hair near the scalp is twisted. If the locked hair is long enough, it should hold the twist in place until the hair dries. If the dreadlocks are too short to hold the twist, use hair pins to pin each lock in place until they dry.

To create twists, twist two or more dreadlocks together until the end. Secure each twist with a hair clip until it dries. To create more of a curl pattern, braid the twists. Braid long dreadlocks into one big braid. For shorter dreadlocks, braid three sections of twists and then hold in place with hair clips.

Other styling options include braiding dreadlocks without twisting them first, twisting dreads on permanent rods or rollers. This method gives dreads a spiral curl. When creating these styles, be careful about using heavy products, such as beeswax.

Although beeswax and other heavy products can help hold newly locked hair longer, users have to take more time to remove residue buildup, which can dull hair and attract dirt and lint. For fewer problems, stick with a lightweight products, such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera gel. Add essential oils such as tea tree, lavender and rosemary for additional soothing scalp and hair benefits.

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