How Do You Style Braids?


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Style braids by twisting them into a bun, tucking half the braids up into a pompadour, pulling them into a ponytail or securing them with a stylish headband. Pull your braids into a wide fishtail braid, a French roll, a top crown or a tucked ponytail.

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How Do You Style Braids?
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Create a crown with low braids by pulling them on top of your head and crossing them into a semicircle. Secure the braids in place with pins. For a sleeker braid, merge two braids together, or invert braids over an ear to create an edgier style. To create a chignon, merge two French braids together. Style multiple braids in the center of your head together to create the illusion of a Mohawk, or tuck the ends of braids beneath hair for a rounded, elegant finish.

Add decorative touches to braids for different looks, such as fresh flowers to create a bohemian appearance. Weave a ribbon into braids to match clothing colors or add a colorful hair clip. Add a baseball hat or knit cap to complete a braided-hair look. Finish braids with a clean bow to help streamline your hair. When braiding hair for summer, spritz on a texturizing beach spray and blow-dry to help create a fresh, straight-from-the-beach appearance.

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