How Do You Style Black Hair Into Twists?


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To style black hair into twists, wash and condition the hair, divide it into equal strands, split the whole hair into two parts, and twist every two strands of each section around each other with your fingers. This results in a two strand twist hair style.

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First, wash the hair, and apply hair conditioner. Air dry your hair to about 90 percent dryness. Using your fingers, divide your hair into uniform strands, depending on the chosen twist size. Use a rat-tail comb as an alternative to fingers. Finger-comb each individual strand to remove tangles, and divide the whole hair down the middle into two major sections. Adjust the sections as needed to make them equal so as to avoid borrowing hair from other sections.

Hold any two strands of a section, and twist one strand around the other with your fingers. Repeat the process for the other hair strands, taking care to maintain consistent tension. Consistency in twisting prevents unraveling and creates an even look. If necessary, dab oil onto the ends of the twists to prevent them from unwinding. To maintain your two strand twist hair style, shampoo it regularly without excessive manipulation of the twists, and re-twist the hair as needed.

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