What Is the Strongest Kind of Prescription Deodorant?

As of 2014, the strongest kind of prescription deodorant is Drysol, which functions largely as an anti-perspirant deodorant. Drysol contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate in an anhydrous alcohol formula, which is essentially a stronger version of the aluminum chloride found in most over-the-counter deodorants.

The key ingredient to look for in a high-performing deodorant is aluminum, which is available over the counter in most deodorants, but only at a maximum concentration of 20 percent. Prescription products can irritate the skin, but may provide a higher concentration of this controversial deodorant ingredient.

Although the industry has raised concerns about parabens and aluminum in deodorants, particularly prescription-strength products that have aluminum in a higher concentration, one scientist with the Personal Care Products Council argues that they have been used safely for years.