How Do You Get Stronger Fingernails?

To grow stronger, healthier nails, you must maintain a well-balanced diet, avoid using your nails as tools, and care for them frequently. Keeping nails trimmed, painted and avoiding picking of the cuticle, nail bed or nail allows nails to reach their full, strong potential.

Nails, like skin, reflect your diet. Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet helps nail growth. Nails are made up of a thick protein; a protein-rich diet helps strengthen nails naturally. Trimming nails regularly allows for even, natural growth.

Keeping nails trimmed and filed evenly helps you to avoid any breaking or peeling. It is important not to pick at nails or cuticles; this weakens the structure and causes breakage and stunts the growth of your nail. It is also important to protect nails by adding a layer of polish. Even just a thick clear coat helps reinforce nail strength. It is important to keep a coated, full layer of polish on your nails. Once the polish starts to peel, do not pick it off. Use a nail polish remover that is low in chemicals to fully remove the old layer of polish before applying a new color.

Also, keep in mind the chemicals you are using in everyday items, that may be causing weakening of the nail. Sanitizers, soaps and even some polishes are very chemical-heavy and can cause the nail structure to weaken. Pay attention to the products you are using on your hands and nails, and switch to a natural or chemical-free option whenever possible.