How Do You Stretch Leather Gloves?

stretch-leather-gloves Credit: Elke Hesser/Photolibrary/Getty Images

To stretch leather gloves, put them on your hands and dip your hands into a bucket of warm water. Wear the wet gloves until they dry, making sure to move your hands and flex your fingers.

  1. Put your gloves on

    Slide your leather gloves on your hands, making sure to get your fingertips as far as possible into the fingers. Pull the gloves into place.

  2. Wet the gloves

    Wearing the gloves, dip your hands into a bucket of warm water. Move them around until the leather is saturated. You can also use a leather stretching spray in place of water; make sure that it is suited for your specific glove leather, and wear a pair of nylon gloves underneath to protect your skin.

  3. Wear the gloves until they dry

    Wear the gloves, and go about your normal activities until the leather is completely dry. In the meantime, make sure to flex your fingers, make fists and handle objects to help stretch the leather. The more you move your hands, the more flexible the gloves become. If you are breaking in motorcycle gloves, ride your bike while the leather dries.

  4. Repeat as needed

    If the gloves are still too tight or uncomfortable, repeat steps one through three until the gloves fit comfortably on your hands.