How Do You Stretch Denim Jeans?

How Do You Stretch Denim Jeans?

How Do You Stretch Denim Jeans?

To stretch your denim jeans, you need a board, a spray bottle of water, an iron and an ironing board. Wash your jeans. Stretch the waistband, and let your jeans dry. Iron your jeans. From start to finish, the entire process could take up to 24 hours including the drying period.

  1. Wash your jeans

    Wash your jeans using the cold cycle on your washing machine.

  2. Stretch the waistband

    Make sure the zipper and buttons are fastened. While your jeans are still wet, put your arms into both of the leg openings at the top of your jeans. Stretch your arms to the side as far as you are able to stretch the denim. Repeat this process several times to thoroughly stretch the waistband.

  3. Let your jeans dry

    Place a board that is a few inches larger than the waistband into the waistband section of your jeans. Let your jeans air dry with the board in place.

  4. Iron your jeans

    Turn your jeans inside out, and place them on your ironing board. Spray a moderate amount of water onto the denim, and pull your jeans to tighten the material. With your iron on the cotton setting, iron both sides of your jeans in sections until all of the denim has been ironed.