How Do You Stretch Boots?


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To stretch boots, place a plastic bag filled with water inside the boots. Then, put the boots in the freezer to freeze the water. As the water turns to ice, it expands and stretches the boots.

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  1. Fill a plastic bag with water

    Fill a one-quart plastic bag halfway with water. Squeeze all of the air out of the bag, then close it securely.

  2. Put the bag in the boot

    Stuff the bag in the boot all the way up to the toe. Use multiple bags if more areas of the boot need to be stretched.

  3. Place the boots in the freezer

    Once the boots are stuffed, put them in the freezer until the bags are completely frozen.

  4. Remove the bags

    Take the boots out of the freezer, and allow the ice time to defrost. Wait until the ice melts, then remove the bags.

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