How Do You Strengthen Nails?


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Strengthen nails by leaving the cuticles alone, omitting the use of nail hardeners and moisturizing the nails. Take supplements, limit contact with harsh chemicals and reduce the frequency of professional manicures to further strengthen nails. Be as gentle with your nails as possible to prevent breakage and weakness.

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Cuticles provide a wall for the nail bed and protect against fungus and bacteria, so it is important to keep them as intact as possible. Cutting them can cause redness and swelling as well. Also, there is no evidence to support that nail hardeners work, and they may even be harmful, but moisturizing can prevent the nails from becoming dry and brittle. Oiling the cuticles helps to keep them moisturized as well.

Biotin supplements work to promote healthy skin, hair and nails. Try to find one with silicon added to enhance the growth and strength of nails. While it’s important to wash your hands often, try to not do so too much, and don’t use harsh soaps or chemicals. These types of products can weaken the nails and cause them to become brittle. Spread out your visits to the salon to give your nails a break from the nail polish remover and the processes used in manicures.

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