How Do You Streak Hair at Home?

How Do You Streak Hair at Home?

How Do You Streak Hair at Home?

You need a streaking cap, a highlighting needle, your desired streaking mix, a comb, some shampoo and a conditioning cure. Wash and dry your hair before combing it, put the streaking cap on, and pull hair strands through the holes using the needle. Apply the streaking mix evenly to the strands, let it sit, then wash the streaks with shampoo before rinsing and removing the cap.

  1. Prepare your hair

    Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Let it dry completely. Comb your hair well.

  2. Put the streaking cap on

    Wear the streaking cap, and secure it by fastening the straps under your chin. Cover the exposed neck hair with a towel.

  3. Pull the hair strands out

    Pull strands of your hair through the holes in the cap using a highlighting needle. If you want fewer streaks, only fill every second or third hole in the cap. Comb the exposed hair strands. This ensures that the streaking mix is applied evenly through each strand.

  4. Apply the streaking mix

    Apply the desired streaking mix to all exposed strands. Let it sit for a few minutes.

  5. Rinse the mix off

    With the cap still on, apply some shampoo to the streaks and rinse with water.

  6. Wash your hair completely

    Remove the streaking cap carefully. Shampoo your hair again, then treat it to a three-minute conditioning cure. Rinse your hair and let it dry.