What Does a Strawberry Tattoo on Your Wrist Mean?

A tattoo on the wrist indicates that the tattoo has deep personal significance to the wearer because of the wrist's intimate yet visible location on the body, and it means that the wearer wants the tattoo to be easily seen by those around them. Strawberries traditionally symbolize virtue, passion, life and abundance in folklore and religion.

The wrist is considered a private area of the body. While people routinely shake hands when they first meet or readily tap others' shoulders to get their attention, people rarely touch the wrists of strangers and casual acquaintances. Accordingly, contact with the wrist by a person, bracelet or tattoo evokes intimacy.

The strawberry is a positive symbol in many religious and mythological traditions. In Catholicism, a strawberry represents righteousness. In Roman mythology, the strawberry was sacred to Venus, the goddess of love. With its heart shape and red color, the strawberry symbolizes love. Dairy farmers in Bavaria practice a folk tradition of offering strawberries to elves. This is said to ensure an abundant yield of milk and calves.

The wrist is the site of the radial artery, which can be palpated to detect the beat of one's heart. The wrist is also a locus of healing. Traditional acupuncture treats nausea and anxiety by stimulating pressure points along the wrist. A tattoo of a strawberry, which symbolizes love, virtue and abundance, magnifies the significance of a tattoo at the wrist, which is a body part linked closely to an individual's health and life.