How Do You Straw Set Natural Hair?


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To do a straw set on natural hair, start with freshly washed, conditioned and moisturized hair. The hair should be a little damp and you can use a setting lotion to help the curls to stay in place. Use an alcohol-free lotion, since you want the hair to retain as much moisture as possible. If you want really tight curls, use more lotion.

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Divide the hair into sections to make the job easier. Get a large drinking straw and wrap a small portion of hair around it in a spiral formation and secure it with bobby pins. This portion can be about one inch long. Depending on the length of your hair, you may find it easier to cut each straw into two or three pieces. Continue this process until each piece of hair is wrapped around a straw.

You can allow the hair to air-dry or set it under a hair dryer. Once it’s dry, carefully remove the bobby pins and straws and you should have a head of perfectly formed, bouncy curls. Protect your hair at night by wrapping it. Straw sets can last up to a week or more. After a few days the curls can be gently separated for a fuller look.

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