How Do You Straw Set Hair?

How Do You Straw Set Hair?

To straw set hair, wrap small locks of hair around drinking straws, securing each with bobby pins, and let the hair set until completely dry. Remove the straws, and gently separate curls with fingers.

Straw setting hair is an easy, economical way to get small spiral curls in hair.

Step 1: Shampoo and condition hair

Use regular shampoo and conditioner to ensure that hair is clean and ready for curling.

Step 2: Apply styling lotion or mousse

Apply a small amount more than the normal amount of styling lotion or mousse to hair to give it more holding power.

Step 3: Separate hair into small sections

Smaller sections give tighter curls, while larger sections give larger curls. Wrap each section around a straw, from the ends to the crown.

Step 4: Secure the straw

Secure the straw with a bobby pin. The most secure configuration is to use a pin at each end of the straw, as close to the head as possible.

Step 5: Let hair dry

Air drying hair is preferable, but if speed is of the essence, a hair dryer can be used. Wait until the hair is completely cool before unwrapping the straws.

Step 6: Unwind each straw carefully

Unwrap each straw in the reverse of the manner in which it was wrapped to keep the hair from tangling.

Step 7: Separate curls

Gently separate each curl into two or three different curls to keep the hair from looking too stiff. Do not wash hair again until it is time for a new style, since washing resets the hair.